Healthy Families Northern Shenandoah Valley is a program developed to ensure a healthy future for all the children in our area. It represents a collaborative community process that is one part of a continuum of local prevention and treatment services. It is cost-effective, systematic and proactive, and does not duplicate any existing programs.

Healthy Families identifies and assists parents and children who may need support as they work to develop into healthy, successful families.

Participants in Healthy Families’ programs throughout the country were more likely to:

Become more informed health care consumers, no longer relying on costly emergency room visits for healthcare

Immunize their children

Smoke less

Have higher employment rates

Become more involved in their children’s preschool and education

Complete their own education

In Virginia, the impressive accomplishments of Healthy Families programs include:

Over 90% of children have no developmental delays

Over 90% of the children are up to date on their immunizations at age 2

Over 90% of children have a source of preventative health care

In over 99% of families served, there is no child abuse or neglect

Over 90% of first-time teen mothers have no repeat pregnancies

Pregnancy risk factors for mothers and delivery risk factors for babies were significantly lower than the general population