Pandemic Hits Home

Jun 24, 2022

We found out how it works in mid-March 2020 when it became painfully clear that, because of a rapidly developing pandemic, we would need to stop all in-person home visits, trainings and family support groups. We transitioned from in-person to completely virtual operations in a matter of days, including:

  • Home visiting not in homes. This was no small feat when there were so many immediate hurdles to overcome – from technology to specific program activities to funding requirements. We’ve also helped develop, launch and support weekly national trainings for all home visiting programs that have gone virtual.
  • Child Abuse Prevention  programs that have intensified efforts during quarantine. We’ve developed info and resources for parents, … and essential workers to aid them in preventing child abuse during times of isolation and … connections. Everyone…

How does that work when face-to-face integrations are completely disrupted? Imagine the parent of a newborn who needs one-on-one guidance from a trained home visitor. Building relationships and trust takes time and interaction. We like to say help is at the door, but that’s not possible right now, so we quickly transformed our work so we could continue helping children and families across Virginia.

How can you find out more about Healthy Families?

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